Directed by Art. Calligraphy and Videography by Scribe.

There comes a time you put away the childish things
The things that gave your life meaning
So now, you’re serious, you’d think you’d be
The kind of person people would take more seriously

And in a little while you let ‘em see you smile
Cos levity could take the pressure off potentially
And that’s your downfall, cos what if, after all, a childish thing is what you’re meant to be

You just wake up a sudden adult
Like joining a cult that nobody leads
And no real beliefs, no one can agree
So just enjoy your childish things

You circle back around, you’re finding common ground
With people you’d never imagined you’d have ever found
Cos they were children once like you and me
We love the things we love, remembering eventually

And in the period between the now and then
You figured out the who you are from the remember when
And that’s your downfall cos what if, after all, the thing you are is what you’ve always been

You don’t wake up a sudden adult
Like joining a cult where everyone knows
The rules of a game that no one can play
So hold on to your childish things

People effect your life in ways they don’t decide
Not cos they can’t or cos they won’t
But cos self-doubt amounts to suicide
All those pieces of your past made up a life
To see yourself you must look back
At all the childish things you left behind

You don’t wake up one day
A sudden adult, like joining a cult
No, life doesn’t work that way
You gotta stop pretending that
You don’t love these childish things

Featured Artist

The Stream Scribe is a friend of ours that made the lyric video from Childish Things. He is available to hire for all sorts of calligraphy work. Find him on facebook.

Cover Artists
Liner Notes

Childish Things – (Mayes/Lents)

  • Piano, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals – Pete Lents
  • Guitars – James Nelson
  • Fretted Bass – John Shaughnessy
  • Saxophone – Doug Norton
  • Organ – Jason Atkins
  • Drums – Matthew Hedrick

Engineered by Eric Lovell and Pete Lents

James Nelson


James is a Charlotte based guitarist who plays in several local original Progressive Metal/Rock bands, which include The Reticent and Ozai. Both band’s music can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. When he’s not playing original music, he shares the stage with Pete in Abacab: The Music of Genesis and also plays in the local 90’s Rock cover band, Putney’s End. James also has more than a decade of music education experience and co-owns Giant Spoon Productions with Ozai bassist, Cole Millward.

John Shaughnessy

Fretted Bass master

Doug Norton


Jason Atkins


Matthew Hedrick


For three decades, Matthew has created and performed original music from California to his native North Carolina. In addition to various studio projects, Matthew currently shares drumming duties with Pete Lents in Abacab, The Music of Genesis:

Eric Lovell


Art Mayes

Songwriter, musician, actor, director, author, and professional builder of creative playgrounds. Art Mayes was trained as a lawyer, taught himself to code, and has worked as an iOS architect and developer since closing his law firm. He asked Pete to come to Chicago to record a song they wrote 20 years ago, and this happened.

Pete Lents

Pete Lents is the owner of Brookstone Bards Entertainment, and performs in several shows a week on his popular Twitch channel. Keyboardist. Vocalist. Entertainer. Composer. Audio Engineer. Voice Actor. CEO. Nerd. Housewife.

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    We are post-genre.

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